You can't stay young, but you can stay immature. That's what we heard tonight from the fantastic folks telling at Tenx9.

We heard a story from Louise Nealon whose young love fished cow-shite from her eye; Joe Nawaz who started waiting for the Armageddon from the age of 8; Helen Killick who has always been a bit too young; Seán Mullin who charmed a Tyrone woman through letters and laxitives; Roy Uprichard who was a hippy Christian on the streets of Belfast tin the 1970s; Philippa Jordan who knows there’s no such thing as too many fairy lights; Eric Randall who, had to choose his favourite teddy bear from among ten when he was a smallfella; and cath Dallat whose first kiss was with the second-cousin-through-marriage-not-blood-relation so therefore it doesn’t count.

As always, thanks to our fantastic storytellers, and thanks to the audience. 

Next month, we're back with a fantastic night about "Changing" on May 24, and on June 28, we are with the Belfast Photo Festival for a night about "Snapshot". Both of those are, as always, in the best arts venue in Belfast, the Black Box. You should consider becoming a member of the Black Box and/or their upcoming events

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama