Tenx9 is a storytelling night where 9 people have up to 10 minutes each to tell a true story from their own life.

Tenx9 is always free. If you’d like to support us (one-off or monthly) you’d be welcome to make a donation through PayPal here.

the cosiest night in belfast’s social scene

we love stories

everybody has a story. ordinary stories, extraordinary stories, stories that delight, entertain, educate, stories that make you laugh, think, hope and cry. stories are the raw material from which we live our lives. 


 fiction is great, but tenx9 is not  for fiction stories. our events are for telling real stories only. 

each month has a theme, and it's amazing how one theme can produce so many varieties of story.  

everybody has a story. come and share or come and listen. 

contact us here

Interested in starting a Tenx9 where you are? Here's some more information. 


where do we meet? 

we meet once a month in belfast, in the black box on hill street. 

you'll find the dates of our upcoming events here. 


everybody is welcome

we hold our events in open spaces and our storytellers are a mixture of people from a variety of backgrounds, identities and ideologies. 

we've had people read stories, tell stories, sing stories, use powerpoint, bring little items, get us dancing, and doing action songs. 

there are only nine places for storytellers, and about 180 in the audience.

please note that while we podcast some of the stories, we do not allow audience members to record/broadcast/publish stories without permission both of the storytellers and of Tenx9