2017 sees Tenx9 begin in Adelaide, home of the Kaurna people, home of the Fringe, home of burnt fig ice-cream and now, home of Tenx9.

It all began when Dani came to Belfast for six weeks and stayed two years. Then she moved back to Australia. Then she came to visit Belfast again and lived on Pádraig's couch for a month. Then she came to Tenx9 and told her most embarrassing story. Then she and Mel started Tenx9 in Adelaide. 

Mel has known about Tenx9 in both Belfast and Glasgow for a few years now, two places she lived between for most of her life before moving to SA, but when she goes home she always manages to be in Glasgow when the Belfast one is on and vice versa. So she's just started her own!

Details of the next Tenx9 in Adelaide below, but if that's out of date (which it often is!), head on over to their Facebook page and show them some storytelling love. 


Tenx9 Adelaide: Thursday 19th October



Doors 7:30pm - first story 8pm at The Jade, 142-160 Flinders St, Adelaide

on 19th October, pop along to The Jade for some more true tales. This time we are excited to be partnering with ZestFest, the festival of modern ageing, to explore the theme of 'older'.  Could be the story of your parents (or you) getting older, the trials and tribulations of having five older sisters, an older cheese you once found at the back of the fridge or the older socks that took you around the world 4 times and you can't throw out (we think you should).

All true, all different, all personal. Come on over and join us - no pre-booking required, free entry - just support The Jade's generous sponsorship by buying a drink at the bar. And don't forget the Phat Buddha Rolls kiosk in the garden - come early and grab some dinner on the way in...

We are constantly inspired, humbled and downright entertained  by our amazing storytellers... get in touch if you'd like to join them! You don't look for professional storytellers - just real people who have a true tale to tell. Fill in the form to the right, or hop over the Facebook and like our page to keep up to date with all that's happening. 

Next Tenx9 will be 23rd November: Show and Tell.


Dani (right) and Mel (left) hosting the first Tenx9 Adelaide at The Jade

Dani (right) and Mel (left) hosting the first Tenx9 Adelaide at The Jade

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