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Tenx9 at festivals

We love stories at work.

Stories open the heart, and happy teams trust each other more, deepening their capacity to lean on each other for help and be more productive.

Tenx9 at your workplace brings together staff who’ve been there for decades and staff who’ve started yesterday; it brings together people who lead and people who learn.

We offer bespoke events for your workplace, with mentoring in writing, presenting, developing a story, delivering a story, and individually tailored feedback and recordings.

With decades of expertise in journalism and publication, the Tenx9 team will work with your staff to bring stories that’ll move, surprise and build relationships between your staff.

Contact us if you want a Tenx9 for your workplace. We have worked with Justice Services, Legal Firms, Charities, Science Consortia and Corporate teams in bringing stories to deepen trust, deepen connection and deepen productivity.

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In general, the Tenx9 at the workplace package entails about two full days work for two people. We'll work with you to come up with a budget that suits all of our wallets.