Well, thank you to all of our Final Frontier speakers last night who told stories as part of a stellar collaboration between Tenx9 and the NI Science Festival  (they have other great events too).

We heard stories of getting PhDs of unpronounceable quality, stories of being upset that you couldn't see in the windies of Sputnik, stories about learning to be a kick-ass coder, stories of Betazoids, stories of dissecting tiny innocent bees, stories about accepting (reluctantly) that the final frontier had been passed, stories about pushing past the final frontier, stories about living at the frontier of war and stories about geologists near Knock. Thanks to Pat, Joe, Malachi, Jesse, Victoria, Peter, Paul and Sheila. 

Victoria McCallum's fantastic story about coding. 

Victoria McCallum's fantastic story about coding. 

We had a packed out crowd (sorry to those who didn't make it in - the Science ones are keen and early), and, as always, were delighted to be hosted by the beautiful people of the Black Box. 

We are back on March 22nd with a wonderful night of stories about Secrets and Lies.  We're looking for nine people to tell true stories from their lives about a secret or a lie. Secrets kept, secrets broken, lies told, lies that got out of control, lies that weren't believed... you get the drift. Don't worry though, none of us will tell. If you're interested in telling a story have a look at our editorial guidelines and then get in touch. 





AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama