So, we had nine stories of changing tonight, at an event in partnership with the lovely folks from the NI Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. It was fantastic to partner with them -- and you should definitely check out some of their other brilliant events. 

Thanks to Joe, Ivor, Brian, Richard, Paul, Ciaran, Paul, Malachi and Evan for the stories. Tonight we heard stories of community events that'll never change; the change that a friendship can bring into your life; young love that didn't flourish because of fear and homophobia; a Corkman bringing tea to china and changing his tune about his incapacity to speak a tonal language; naked caving with new friends; appearing on The Weakest Link; young friends who learnt not to speak about the IRA and Flags because they wanted to stay friends; the changes in a 20th century life lived between the experiences of war; and the changes that came about in the life of The Man Who Didn't Go Out. 

Our next Tenx9 event is at 7.30pm on June 28th, and is a partnership with the delicious folks from the Belfast Photography Festival. The theme is 'Snap' and we are looking for the true stories behind a photograph. It doesn't have to be an amazing photograph, we're just looking for something that has a true story you can tell that'll help us think more about the photograph. If you're interested in telling a story, have a read of our editorial guidelines and then get in touch

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama