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Tenx9 has recently incorporated as an Arts Company.

We are inviting interested people, who love Tenx9, who may have skills or contacts or contracts or sponsorship links, to join us for a morning meeting on Saturday morning April 13, from 10-12pm in Belfast (probably Malone Road, but we’ll see how many people are coming before we decide on which venue).

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One of the ways we can grow Tenx9 as a company is to have new Tenx9 events that happen in companies (we've done wonderful team building story events in law firms), in agencies (we've done Tenx9 in prisons, with healthcare, with chaplains), and in other areas. Do you have any contacts where we could run events? We have a corporate and charity rate that we charge.
Can you make the meeting at 10am on April 13? It'll be 10am for coffee, done by 12pm, and probably on the Malone Road (dependent on numbers) *