Well, tonight was about all the LOLs as Tenx9 celebrated our fifth anniversary. So many of you had been there the first night of Tenx9 on Sept 28 2011, and were there tonight too. and to the ones we've picked up along the way - we are so thankful for your stories, your listening, your regular attendance and your applause as we celebrate the delight of good stories. 

We had nine great stories tonight. Thanks very much to everybody who told at the annual collaboration between Tenx9 and the Belfast Comedy Festival. 

Before we go any further, you can check out the rest of the Comedy Festival's events over the next 12 days here.

Tonight we heard stories of spraying shite over the houses of unsuspecting missionaries; cooking chocolate and lentil goo on a romantic first date; the wooing rituals of youngfellas from Derry; the curious incident of the gay bullock; grandads who cook fine pies and post them transatlantically; grandmothers who teach you the ABC of swearing when you're 6; why double-denim and tights on your dashboard spell a no-no for second dates; the recipe for making an Irish homosexual; and, the perils of hell awaiting you if you make a bad confession. 

Thanks to Áine, Caroline, Tori, Emily, Eamonn, Eric, Helen and Louise. Thanks, too, to the beautifuls at the Black Box, and to Seedbed who were so supportive to us as we began. 

Our next Tenx9 is on October 26th in the Black Box an the theme is Age. You can check out more details on the events page.

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama