Thanks to the very generous people at Trust Greenbelt, we have a small grant. We're using it to produce a "How to run a Tenx9" resource. It's mostly done, but we're keen to put in a few stories (you can tell us your favourite ones) and put in some quotes from folks who go along to Tenx9 regularly. 

So, if you could give us some feedback in the form below we'd be thrilled. You might want to tell us of a story that you remember well, or why you keep coming back, or what it meant for you to tell a story. By filling this in you're letting us use some of your words (we may edit some slightly to fit into a short quote). 

If you'd prefer to email us, you can email us on

We really appreciate your time - thanks very much.

Pádraig and Paul, Tenx9 founders, Belfast. 

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AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama