What a spectacular night at Tenx9. Our theme was 'Dates' and we had stories about failed dates in Belfast, dates Tyrone-style, escapades on the 8th floor of a carpark, judging dates based on wearing double-denim, dates of trips overseas, tips for internet dating, dates that turn into not-dates, letters to lovers and diary dates. Thanks to Seán, Moyra, Neil, Caroline, Cici, Jason, Denise and Linda. A spectacular night of Tenx9. And the room was packed. Some choice quotes below. Our next night is March 26, the theme is 'Belfast'

Packed night in the Black Box. 

Packed night in the Black Box. 

There were two walls. Not peace walls. A big wall and a wee wall. #tenx9dates

There was a guy living near us. We'll call him "John". We'll call him that because that's his name. #tenx9dates

To say that I was underwhelmed with his gift would be to make the understatement of 1986. #tenx9dates

He gave me a bulb (you light up my life) and a potato (you're a good spud). We never shared another Christmas. #tenx9dates

I think I might be falling in love with her, I said. It was the first time I ever used the word. #tenx9dates

I wanted to boast so I said I'd taken all kinds of drugs, including laxatives. She said 'That must be why you're talking shite then'. #tenx9dates

Level 8 in the carpark was the graveyard where all the late people went. #tenx9dates

My date arrived to pick me up in a dilapidated brown mini with a hole in the floor and a pair of tights by the passenger seat #tenx9dates

He asked me for my number, and I said 'you give me yours' and he said 'you won't call'. #tenx9dates

I hit the 'update profile' on my internet dating site and my god, was I new meat to a sea full of plenty of pirhanas #tenx9dates

I walked up to a man and said "Hi John, it's me!" He said "Umm, it's Michael and I'm waiting on a bus. #tenx9dates

He insisted on making me watch a gazillion youtube videos when i came over. I think it's a guy-thing. #tenx9dates

Missing someone you love is like bacterial conjunctivitis. you know you'll survive it. #tenx9dates

There was a bomb last night, and I'm knitting mittens. #tenx9dates

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