So, we've been noticing that over the last few Tenx9 events in Belfast that we have a small dilemma. We've heard lots of people say it.

It’s a bit crowded in here isn’t it?
— Sweaty storylovingpeople squashed in the Green Room

So, as a one off experiment, we are moving Tenx9 into the larger room of the Black Box for our March 26th event. So, if you've come to the last few Tenx9 events and not been able to squash into the Green Room, there's a seat for you on March 26th! The theme that night is Belfast, and we are looking forward to nine true stories about Belfast from the good people at Tenx9. We've got a number of stories lined up already - if you want to tell a story, have a read of the tips and then get in touch.

The Green Room is very intimate, and we are going to work with the good people of the Black Box to make the larger room as cosy and welcoming as always. 

What we love about Tenx9 is that real stories can transform you - strangers become known and those who are known become a little more strange. Come along on March 26th nine true less-than-ten-minute stories about Belfast.

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama