We have just sent out a lovely resource book full of ideas, thoughts, suggestions and needs to folks who've told us they want to run Tenx9 in their location. We have been delighted to have Tenx9 events in Belfast, Cork, Juba, Bradford, Utrecht and Nashville over the last few years - not to mention at festivals in Oxford and Cheltenham. 

We're looking forward to Tenx9 spreading even more in 2014 - with folks in London (two locations there), other places in the Netherlands, Limavady, Chicago, Glasgow and Dublin expressing interest. We'd LOVE to hear from you if you're interested. You can contact us easily.


The resource book has lots of ideas, and also highlights some of the non-negotiables about running a Tenx9 event. It's worthy of a good read and a good bucket of coffee.  

Our thanks, thanks, love and more thanks to the delicious people at Trust Greenbelt who generously sponsored the time, love, equipment and effort that went into producing this resource. Thanks too to those snazzy Black Box Belfast people who've provided such a wonderful home for us. 

And, finally - don't forget - next Tenx9 is on March 26, in the big room of the Black Box. The theme is "Belfast". Listen on Arts Extra on Tuesday 25th for a feature on Tenx9.

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama