So, this time last night we were just finishing up our Tenx9 evening on the theme of "Scundered"

Scundered, for those of you who don't know, is a fine Belfast word that mostly means "embarrassed". Big thanks to Orlaith Hendron who suggested the theme. Orlaith runs events on the theme of Scundered where brave people read from their teenage diaries in public. We'll let you know when the next of these events happens.

So, if you missed last night, you missed some life changing experiences:

Here's the person to blame for this magnificent theme. Thanks Orlaith. 

Here's the person to blame for this magnificent theme. Thanks Orlaith. 

We heard stories from a nameless person about farting during an amorous liaison.

We heard about how people can feel embarrassed and humiliated by pranks at school.  This story also featured a musical reference to Celine Dion. 

We heard about how having your drink spiked by an in-law at a family wedding leads to multi-scundering experience. This story featured a reference to M People. 

We heard from someone's diary who wrote, at fifteen, that she wasn't a lesbian, definitely not. Definitely, definitely not. 

Somebody mentioned the word 'urethra' once too often (i.e. once) during a story that had people squirming with shared pain and humiliation. Safe to say that medical procedures were involved. #enoughsaid

We heard a performance of an angst-ridden teenage diary saga that detailed the budding romance and drama (read: melodrama) about who to bring to the school formal. This story featured a very 1996-appropriate use of the word "Mega!" Fortunately, 1996 is a long time ago. 

We heard a story about unnecessary apologies. This story didn't feature music but did feature more talking about farting.

We heard a story about the scundering experience involving a marriage proposal, a marriage refusal, and the un-party that followed where "congratulations" envelopes were quickly stuffed into pockets. 

And we heard a story about Orangefield - the scundered years. This featured references to the Waltons, pinafores, knee high stockings and and diary keeping. 

So, safe to say, you missed a fantastic night. Thanks to Chelley, Katie, Claire, Kellie, Aaron, Orlaith, Tori and Denise. We had 200 people in our wonderful venue - the Black Box on Hill Street. The Black Box opened 9 years ago and was supposed to only be a temporary arts venue while another arts venue was built. It's such a cosy venue, and the staff are amazing. Black Box - we love you and we thank you! 

Our next Tenx9 night is on May 27th, at 7.30pm in the Black Box. The theme is "Fear"-if you're interested telling a story, let us know. We'd love to hear from you. 

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