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Well then lovelies. What an amazing night. We had the theme of "Home" for Tenx9 tonight and we heard stories from around the globe about all kinds of experiences of home. We heard the other side of that home-birth story we'd heard last month; we heard a story about the dearly missed home of Bulawayo and the world's-best-chef-mum; a story about a heartbreaking choice between a visa process and a family funeral.



We are all suffering from trauma following a story about a daughter's fake-filthy conversation with her mum; we heard of five houses in three countries in five years; whitewater rafting on the Foyle; dog sledding in deep snow; failing exams in a home of people who don't fail exams; and asking your neighbour to wipe your arse when you're three, or maybe four. 




Thanks to all. Thanks to Maria, Jason, Eamonn, Annette, Nuala, Liz, Sipho and Heather; new tellers and seasoned tellers! What a wonderful night. Thanks to all in the wonderful audience, and to the delightfuls in the Black Box. 


Next month we have the theme of "Family" just in time for Christmas. If you've a story about family - joining a family, leaving one, making one, family traditions, family ties, new family, discovering family, or family embarrassment, let us know. We'd love to hear your story. Have a read of our editorial guidelines and get in touch



AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama