Somewhere at home you have an old scarf that you'll never throw out because somebody special gave it to you. Or you've got that stone you picked up on top of a mountain at the end of a day, or you've got that ingrown toenail mounted in velvet or you've got a cup made for you by your favourite neighbour. This Wednesday at 7.30pm is your chance to share that story. 

Yup, it's Show and Tell time at Tenx9 folks. 

On Wednesday we will have nine stories of up to ten minutes each from people who are going to tell you a true story about an item they've brought (or have sent us a photo of). 

Also, we'd like to invite everybody to bring an item with a story - share the story in the breaks with your friends, or share it with some of the lovely Tenx9 folks at the tables near you.

We have a few spaces left - If you're interested in telling a story, have a read of the editorial guidelines and then get in touch

Tenx9 is this Wednesday at 7.30pm in the Black Box. We've got space for about 200 audience members on the night, and after that we're not able to let others in. Spaces fill quick! 

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama