We are thrilled to be back at the Greenbelt Festival this year.

For Greenbelt 2014, we have three Tenx9 sessions. More details about what Tenx9 is (and how to register to tell a story) below. 

The first Tenx9 is on the Friday night, in partnership with the Literature venue, at 9pm is on the theme of "Travelling".

The second is on the Saturday afternoon is with the Youth Venue and is on the theme of "Social Me...".

And the final on the Saturday night back with the literature venue at 9pm is on the theme of "Change".

For more information, details on how to get in touch with us if you want to tell a story, and more info on what Tenx9 is, head over to the Tenx9 at Greenbelt 2014 information page

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama