We are thrilled to be back at the Greenbelt Festival this year.

For Greenbelt 2014, we have three Tenx9 sessions. More details about what Tenx9 is (and how to register to tell a story) below. 

The first Tenx9 is on the Friday night, in partnership with the Literature venue, at 9pm is on the theme of "Travelling".

The second is on the Saturday afternoon is with the Youth Venue and is on the theme of "Social Me...".

And the final on the Saturday night back with the literature venue at 9pm is on the theme of "Change".

Tenx9 at Greenbelt has grown and grown. Last year for our Love Stories session we had about 300 people, and stories that raised the roof, raised blushes, drew tears and laughter and applause. We love the variety of stories that come. 

So be in touch with us about your stories of travel - travel from here to there, travels taken, travels not taken, lives changed and live discovered. Also, be in touch with us with your stories of change  - stories of changes you've made, changes that have been made to you, changes that you've loved, changes that you have resented. And for the youth venue (we are thrilled to be with you)  we'd love to hear your "Social Me..." stories - stories about being on social media, things that happen there, things that happen when you're not on it, stories about being a social person and  making friends - the themes are very broad.

A few things for you to know. 

Tenx9 is for TRUE stories - it's not a time for fiction, or giving a lecture or a sermon.

We hear nine stories (of no more than ten minutes each) from different people, each telling something real from their lives that links in with the theme. 

If you want to tell a story, have a read of our tips for writing and tips for telling. If you think you have a story that fits these categories and you'd like to share, get in touch with us via our contact page and also let us know which Tenx9 session you want to speak at.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

We started Tenx9 in Belfast three years ago, and now there are 8 locations of Tenx9 around the world. We love it. If this is your first tenx9, you're very welcome! Tenx9 is a great evening of true stories with lovely audiences and strange people telling strange stories to strangers.