We had a delicious night hearing stories about all-things-foreign. We want to thank Helen Killick who traumatized locals by eating Haggis in Ethiopia; Doris Gentemann who is renowned as the German who cycled in Belfast in the 1990s; Richard O Leary and his magnificent 1970s orange cardigan with-a-zip; Liz Nelson who is growing another foreigner who will, hopefully, have better direction; Neil Kennedywho might send his urine by mail but knew funeral protocol in Malawi; Denise Hart who almost had to find out how to facilitate a funeral in France; Malachi O'Doherty who was sworn at in Libya and learnt the art of the con; and Claire Mitchell whose foul mouthed children teach small innocent children new games. 

Tenx9 LOL Sept 2017 fundraiser.jpg

Tonight is an example of why we run Tenx9. We love stories. And we love making stories public. Make sure to keep checking our podcast to hear past events. 

Our next event is on Wednesday 20th September in the Black Box at 7.30pm. It'll be a recap of some of the funniest stories of the past year, and is a fundraiser for Tenx9. We are committed to keeping the night free, but to keep the costs covered, once a year we'll run a fundraiser. If folks could consider giving somewhere between £2 and £5, that'd cover the costs for the rest of the year. 

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama