"I was a geek before geek was chic" Vic said tonight, and we think she should put it on a tshirt. Somebody else tweeted us and said:

So, we had a wonderful night at the science festival. We heard stories about young medics meeting their limits, and a one young medic in particular learning all kinds of things in a spermbank. Physics definitely featured tonight with stories featuring Schrödinger's cat, a dreadful physics teacher, physics meditations and astrophysics. We heard, too, of a researcher who vows never to poison her subjects again, and of the metaphysics involved in a beloved and dearly departed Citroen BX 17rd.

Thanks to Dave, Heather, Paul, Paul, Vic, Liz, Sheila and Peter. We had four new storytellers tonight and a particular shout out to them for their fantastic stories.

Our evening was part of the NI Science festival. You should check it out. Statistically you're in with a good chance of enjoying yourself.

Our next Tenx9 is March 16th, and we are partnering up with the Imagine! festival of politics and ideas. Our theme is Change -- changes you made, tried to made, failed at, changes that failed you, change in your pocket, changing your image, changing your story, changing your affiliation, changing your mind. As always, it'll be 9 people with up to ten minutes each to tell a true story from their lives. Do you have a story? Read through the editorial guidelines and get in touch.

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama