Well, what a night. Extraordinary. First of all, many, many thanks to our storytellers: Paul, Margaret, Paul, Lesley, Seán, Sarah, Susan, Keira. Bloody brilliant. 

We heard stories about coming out to family, coming out to school, coming out to yourself, coming about about mental health needs to a doctor, coming out of the convent, going on outings along memory lane, outings to meet biological families, and outings of gender.

With many thanks to Belfast Pride and Essence Arts for partnership on these events. Go check them out - what wonderful work. 

Tonight was a night of humanity. How amazing that so many people wish to tell a true story of their lives. We are always moved by the goodness of hosting your stories. Thanks to all. 


We will be announcing our upcoming themes in the next few weeks. But for now, here's the next one - very exciting to be at the Aperture Festival this weekend, and then our next events are: 16th Sept, 23rd Sept (with Comedy Festival), 21st Oct, 18th Nov, 16th Dec. You can always check the events page and follow us on twitter or our Facebook page


AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama