What a great night at Tenx9 tonight! Thanks to all who told stories - Caroline, Lisa, Chelley, Karen, Seán, Colin, Paddy, and Susan. 

The theme was "Things I learnt at school" and we heard about learning that religion teachers don't cope with children who say they don't believe; the smells of farts of small boys in P2; causing blue smoke when mixing the chemicals that you shouldn't have mixed in chemistry class; having your shins bashed by a classmate; the special place in hell for PE teachers; learning news about Santa; children's games that definitely are neither games nor for children (or anyone); school crushes; stories about teachers who hate girls; and stories about table-tennis. 

By the way - we should mention that tonight we were honoured to have the 1979 Gilnahirk Table Tennis champion. We were honoured! We also filmed the night, so that we can do some promo - so thanks to Francis for doing that. 

And - very importantly - thanks as always to the lovely folks at the Black Box. 

We have three - yes three! - Tenx9 events coming up. On Friday we have a short Tenx9 at 12,30pm in the Black Box as part of the afternoon leading into Culture Night. Next Thursday, 25th Sept, we have a night of our funniest stories of the past 12 months at 7.30pm in the Black Box and on October 22nd we are back with our usual Tenx9 - the theme of which is 'Sorry'. 

AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama