Our final Tenx9 before a summer break will be on Thursday 21st June at 7.30pm in the Green Room of the Black Box. Our theme will be "Tell & Show". I did some community work a few years ago with some wonderful women in East Belfast Mission. One night a small drum used by the local boys' parading company was found - and they decided that it would be both honouring and hilarious if Pádraig the Catholic took it home. That drum sits in my house - it is full of the stories that those women told, the stories they didn't tell, their humour, their survival and the gift of their lives. It's a treasured gift.  Everybody has stuff around the house that is more dear to you because of the story that it holds. Bring it along - and tell us.

We are also hoping that everybody will bring along a little tell&show item - and chat about it over the drinks breaks with the folks at your table.

So - come along. Come to tell, come to show, come to listen, come to enjoy the goodness of nine people taking up to ten minutes each to tell a real story from their life.

If you want to tell your story - fill in the form here.

Paul and Pádraig.



AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama