Tenx9 started off as an idea when we were driving from Belfast to Connemarra for a wedding. Once we were in Connemarra, a landscape of good stories, and a landscape of sad stories, we decided we needed to talk about it. We found our way to a village and ordered breakfast. It was, in the midst of Co. Galway, a breakfast establishment that served a Polish breakfast. The sausages were crimson, and the mustard was yellow.

We talked about names.

We talked about themes.

Paul said it'd be important that the stories were real stories, and that ordinary people could come and tell their stories. It's less a performance, more of a sharing.

There isn't an agenda. It's just stories. Stories of people, stories of real people, real stories.

Ten minutes each for nine people to tell a real story. Once a month. Come and listen. Come and share. Come and enjoy.



AuthorPádraig Ó Tuama