We are thrilled to be at the Solas Festival in Scotland this June. Solas was named, a few years ago, as the cutest festival in Scotland - music,people, arts, justice, life, coffee, fair-trade, politics etc. 

Tenx9 is a storytelling event that began in Belfast in 2011. Tenx9 gives 9 people up to 10 minutes each to tell a real story from their lives. We have Tenx9 events in Belfast, Cork, Bradford, London, Utrecht, Rijssen, Chicago and Nashville. We also love coming to festivals, and are in Greenbelt, Bloxham, Pride, Outburst, CQAF, Stendhal to mention only some. 

Each month has a theme, and the stories are always less than ten minutes (we toot a loud horn to stop you!). The theme is a starting-point, not an agenda. 

We're using the theme 'Scotland' for Solas 2014. While the independence debate is, without doubt, in people's minds, the stories for Tenx9 at Solas are not for creating political platforms, convincing the audience or undermining those with whom you disagree. We want to hear stories of when you moved from Scotland, moved to Scotland, how you feel about being Scottish, or not being Scottish, Scottish summers (yes, we know, that's an oxymoron), Scottish winters, etc. 

We want stories - and you can read, or tell. Be in touch with us. A story is something that has sequence, and a narrative, characters, and events... 

If you want to tell a story, here's what to do.

Firstly, read the tips for writing and the tips for telling a story

Then, contact us and give us an outline. We'll want to make sure that you know that it's a story you're telling, not using the event for a platform for opinion, essays, rants etc.

You are welcome to tell, read or even sing your story - it just has to be a story, and it has to be planned. Really looking forward to seeing you at Tenx9 at Solas 2014. This is our first Tenx9 event in Scotland.