Tenx9 is a storytelling night where 9 people have up to 10 minutes each to tell a true story from their lives. For Feb 2016, we are delighted to partner with the NI Science Festival for a night of true stories about science, true stories from scientists, true stories about scientists from people who aren't scientists, shouldn't be scientists, want to be scientists.


This isn't a night for presenting your PhD thesis- although obviously some of your research may come into your true story. It's a night for telling us a true story about science in your life - how it saved you, how it failed you, working with other scientists... you get the drift.


If you have a story to tell, have a read of our editorial guidelines and then get in touch with us with a full text. Tenx9 usually has about 150 folks in the audience, it's always free and the audience are always warm and appreciative. There's a youtube link below that gives you a flavour of the night. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Check out http://www.nisciencefestival.com for other great events too.