We are delighted to partner with the inaugural Imagine Festival of Politics and Ideas in 2015 for a night of storytelling on March 11th in the Black Box. (It's free - doors open at 7.30, first story at 8pm). 

Tenx9 is an evening for true stories. We hear nine stories (of no more than ten minutes each) from different people, each telling something real from their lives that links in with the theme. We usually have about 150+ people along, so nobody is put on the spot. Most storytelling spaces are filled before the night begins.

The theme for the night is 'People Power '. The Imagine Festival celebrates people, their contribution, the changes they can make, and the actions that come from ideas.This is a night to talk about that.

Tenx9 is a night for storytelling - we work with storytellers to craft their stories carefully so they are sharing their experiences and not going on a rant! 

We started Tenx9 in Belfast just over three years ago, and now there are 8 locations of Tenx9 around the world. We love it. If this is your first tenx9, you're very welcome! Tenx9 is a great evening of true stories with lovely audiences and strange people telling strange stories to strangers. 

If you want to tell a story, have a read of editorial guidelines, start writing your story and get in touch with us via our contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you.