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Tenx9 Lubbock

Tenx9 began in Lubbock (in the country of Texas, USA) in September 2017. Lubbock, in the High Plains, is in the Northwest of Texas, in the Llano Estacado.

The folks at CNN said that Lubbock is the 12th best place to start a small business. We say it's the first best place to tell a story in Texas. 

When and where

Sept 26th, Oct 24th, Nov 31st - all at 7.30pm

Sugar Brown's Coffee (1947 19th Street, Lubbock TX, 79401). 

Find Tenx9 Lubbock on their Website, Twitter and Facebook locations. 

Sarai Brinker

Sarai Brinker

Tenx9 Lubbock host: Sarai Brinker.

Saraibecame interested in Tenx9 after hearing about it from Michael McRay, who started Tenx9Nashville. After traveling to Nashville with Jordan to experience a Tenx9, she knew she had to bring Tenx9 to the South Plains. Ask her to tell you the story sometime.

Aside from organizing Tenx9 Lubbock, Sarai teaches at Texas Tech University, where she tells stories about world music and culture. Off-campus she enjoys exploring Lubbock with her two kids, Ollie and Cat, and canoeing in any of Lubbock's many fine lakes. She has also been known to tickle the ivories from time to time. 

Jordan Kirksey

Jordan Kirksey

Tenx9 Lubbock host: Jordan Kirksey.

Jordan is a Libra with a magenta-yellow aura who also happens to hail from Lubbock. He is also a student at Texas Tech and is pursuing degrees in music and economics. You can also sometimes catch him playing in an Argentine Tango ensemble or at a drag show.

Jordan's spirit animal is the killer whale, and he has a severe phobia of flying, stinging insects. He is excited to share the raw, emotional power of stories with fellow Lubbock natives.