Tenx9 is delighted to be back at Greenbelt 2016, the deliciousest festival in the world. We have two storytelling events for you - on Saturday and Sunday evenings in The Shelter venue. 



The theme for Greenbelt is Silent Stars, so we decided to, ummm, sully it a bit, by having Shut Up (Silent) and Famous (Stars) as our themes. We want to hear true stories of how you wished you'd shut up, of how you shut someone up when you shouldn't, of how you shouted shut up at the fiercest teacher. And your stories of fame - fame won, fame lost, fame yearned for, hollow fame, or, obviously, those amazeballs leg warmers that you wore because you wanted to be a dancer in Fame. 

If you have a story to tell on either of these themes have a read of our editorial guidelines and message us. There's a youtube clip below for how fantastic Tenx9 is. 

See you at Greenbelt.