Tenx9 Greenbelt 2015.jpg


We at Tenx9 are delighted to be back at the delicious festival of goodness that is Greenbelt this year. Tenx9 is a storytelling night where 9 people have up to ten minutes each to tell a real story from their lives. It began four years ago in Belfast and now has eight satellite locations (including Balham and Glasgow). 


We began coming to Greenbelt in 2012, and have had amazing nights of stories from ordinary people telling true and extraordinary things from their lives. GB2015 will be no different. We've got two Tenx9 events this year - on Friday night in the Shelter venue at 9pm our theme will be 'Welcome' and on Saturday night, 9pm at the same venue, the theme will be 'Power'.


Tenx9 is always for true stories - no fiction allowed. Truth is stranger! For 'Welcome', we're looking for true stories that tell a time when you were made welcome, when you tried to be welcoming, when you were refused welcome - you get the picture. And for 'Power' we're looking for times of using power, power unused, power used badly, power cuts, power imbalances. 



Just so you know, Tenx9 isn't a time for giving a live editorial or blog post. True stories only - ones that leave us wondering "What's going to happen next?" or "Does she know my auntie Muriel? Because it sounds like her in this story."

Have a look at the video here. If you're interested in telling a story, go and have a read of the editorial guidelines and then be in touch. We'll ask for a text of your story - for Greenbelt, the maximum length it can be is 1000 words - a little shorter than usual to make sure we fit everybody in.