Are you a first-time storyteller at Tenx9? Here are a few tips. 

  • Tenx9 is a wonderful evening of true stories. If you're nervous or worried, don't worry. The audience is always keen to hear you. 
  • You'll already have submitted a story, and we'll have reviewed it and accepted it. 
  • On the night, please don't go off script. When nervous, some people feel the need to wing it on the night and in our experience it's never gone well. Just stick with the script you've submitted.
  • We always want folks who are hearing the story to wonder, quite quickly, "What's going to happen?" or "What happened before?" so don't feel any need to add anything to the script you've submitted. 
  • Stand nice and near to the microphone. 
  • We usually put a first time storyteller on early-ish in the evening. If there's a time that works best for you, let us know.