Our first Tenx9 Dublin night is July 26. It'll be in D-Light Studios (That's at 46 North Great Clarence St, Dublin 1 - website here and googlemap here). 

Tenx9 is a storytelling event that started in Belfast in 2011. Nine people have up to ten minutes each to tell a real story from their lives. We began it as a small night for stories, hoping to get thirty or forty people a night. Now we pack out the Black Box in Belfast every month, and have to close the doors after 200 people come in. It's always free, always for true stories, never for the promotion of religion or politics, and always wonderful. 

We have Tenx9 satellites around the place (you can find out more about how to begin a Tenx9 satellite here). What could be better than a Tenx9 satellite in the Big Smoke itself.

The theme for Tenx9 in Dublin is Snap. Bring along a photo that has a story attached and tell us the story about the photograph. Just so you know,it's more about the story behind the photo. It doesn't have to be a stunning shot, the story might be about how awful it is! 

Our Dublin partner in storycrime is the one and only Stace Gill. There is nobody like her - we love her, and if you know her, you'll love her too. We are really looking forward to Tenx9 Dublin becoming a regular thing. So come along to this night to hear some mighty true stories. Plenty of people come along just to listen. Just so you know, we don't let others record the stories (unless it's their own). 

We read all the submissions for stories -  via the contact form or on tenx9belfast(@)gmail.com The editorial guidelines are helpful, but here are ten tips that'll help you know if you want to tell:  

  • Tenx9 is for true stories. Opinions about politics, society or religion, aren’t stories - buy your friends a pint and opine with them!
  • A true story from your life will narrate events, experiences, characters - it’ll make us wonder: Who; Why; Where; What next? A good way to think about it is to make sure that someone can say  "That was a story about  a woman discovering a half-sister she never knew" or another one-sentence summary. That'll keep you on track.
  • Don’t spend time giving long introductions of yourself or your story - just jump right in with a great opening line.
  • Check that your story fits with the night's theme.
  • You don’t have to give every detail - just enough. 
  • Instead of giving us too many names, use easily remembered titles: The Weird Uncle, The Genius Sister etc. It helps!
  • 10 Minutes is a limit, not a target! We’ll honk the horn at 10 minutes, and then you have about 10 seconds to finish. 
  • Knowing where to end is great. Think about that final line. Sarah said "He winked at me and invited me to Mallorca". Genius. 
  • We enjoy strong language, but keep it in context - swearing as a fill-in is a bit lazy and predictable.
  • We do not allow offensive, stereotyping, overly crude or objectifying stories. We will interrupt and stop your story if it breaks this. If you story needs a Trigger Warning, let us know and we'll work on that together (as well as giving names of any support agencies).
  • If you’re drunk or high -  no story,  no negotiation.