We are delighted to host a Tenx9 at Bloxham 2014. 

Tenx9 is a storytelling event - begun in Belfast in 2011 - that gives nine people up to ten minutes each to tell a real story from their lives. We have themes for each event. The theme for Bloxham 2014 is 'Conflict' - so we are looking forward to hearing nine stories of conflict - conflict in the home, in society, in politics, in yourself, funny conflict, awful conflict, and conflict about conflict. 

We have about 100 people a month who gather to hear the stories - and the stories are always a mixture of funny, sad, insightful and amazing - and create a wonderful atmosphere. We're delighted to be at Bloxham 2014. We were at Bloxham last year too, and loved it.

So go on - contact us and take one of the story slots, and we will be delighted to hear. 

You can find tips on writing your story here and tips for telling your story here. 

If you want to tell a story at Tenx9, you can tweet us @tenx9 or you can contact us here