The next Tenx9 at The GladCafé, Glasgow

is on November 20 @ The Glad Cafe.

Doors 7:30pm -  first story 8pm


Theme: Glesgae Patter

Hod the bus… the next Ten x 9 story night has just been announced. [November 14th].  Come along because we want to hear your real life stories and adventures or as they say in these parts, we want to hear your Glesgae Patter.   If your feeling Gallus, can Gie it laldy or even if you Havnae a Scooby join us for a rerr night and what’s more it’s free at the door!

For those new to Ten x9 - it's a storytelling format that began in Belfast in 2011.  Each night nine people have up to ten minutes each to tell a real story from their lives. It's wonderful, it's always free, it's for ordinary people telling great stories, and it's happens at the Glad Café in Glasgow.

Tenx9 Glasgow is hosted by Rona MacDonald and located at the Glad Cafe (1006a Pollokshaws Road - map here) The plan is to have four Tenx9 events in Glasgow a year. The Wire magazine called the Glad Cafe one of the hippest joints in the city and if the flapjacks are anything to go by, they're right. 


Rona, having been to a few Tenx9 evenings, was eventually talked into getting up there and telling a story. She turned out to be GREAT and the logical next step was to talk her into hosting. 

She agreed and the world is a happier place. 

Rona fits far too much into a very busy life but is happy and fulfilled by the majority of it. She spends her time between Glasgow (working for Glasgow Life, being a mum, hosting Tenx9) and the Outer Isles (dreaming, walking, dancing). 

You'll can follow Tenx9 Glasgow on Facebook and Twitter

If you want to come along to Tenx9 Glasgow feel free to turn up to the night. But if you want to tell a story, fill in the form below. 

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You don't have to send the full text through at this stage, but for all first-time tellers at Tenx9 we ask for a full text, even if you're planning on telling, not reading, the story at the night.