Tenx9 Dorset.

Tenx9 Dorset runs 6-8 times per year between September and June, and is based on the weird and wonderful Isle of Portland where local superstition demands those furry animals who live in warrens and have long ears with a cotton-ball tail be referred to as 'underground mutton' rather than the r-word. Our current venue in Portland is the Royal Manor Theatre in Fortuneswell.

Tenx9 Dorset started in Autumn 2018 and aims to travel elsewhere in the county as word spreads of the amazing storytelling nights and others want to start it in their own local area. We also welcome anyone to join us when they're holidaying down here on the Jurassic Coast.

Tenx9 Dorset is on Facebook and Twitter and if you want to go old school you can email them — they’ll even answer! (tenx9dorset(@)gmail).



Jayme Reaves started Tenx9 Dorset after living in Northern Ireland and being present at the birth of Tenx9 in Belfast. Committed to working to bring people together so they can know one another, Jayme and others such as James Pattison, Nikki Fryer, Elizabeth Valera, Jenny Willoughby, Ann Wellfoot, and others have taken on running Tenx9 Dorset and welcome the involvement of others at any stage along the way.