2017 saw Tenx9 begin in Adelaide, home of the Kaurna people, the Fringe, the pie floater and now, home of Tenx9.

It all began when Dani came to Belfast for six weeks and stayed two years. Then she moved back to Australia. Then she came to visit Belfast again and lived on Pádraig's couch for a month. Then she came to Tenx9 and told her most embarrassing story. Then she and Mel started Tenx9 in Adelaide. 

Mel knew about Tenx9 when she met Dani, but even though she's from near Belfast herself she'd never been along (she has now). So she and Dani got together to start their own!

Details of upcoming dates & themes for Tenx9 in Adelaide are below, but you'll usually get more detail and a bit more chat on their Facebook page. Come along and join the storytelling love. 

First story starts at 7:30pm at The Jade, 142-160 Flinders St, Adelaide.


Thursday 10th January: How it all began

Thursday 14th February: Love

Thursday 21st March: Awkward

Thursday 11th April: Kindness

Thursday 16th May: Showing off

Thursday 20th June: theme tbc

Thursday 18th July: theme tbc

Thursday 15th August: theme tbc

Thursday 19th September: theme tbc

Thursday 17th October: theme tbc

Thursday 21st November: theme tbc


Tenx9 stories are all true, all different, all personal. Come on over and join us - no pre-booking required, free entry - just support The Jade's generous sponsorship by buying a drink at the bar. And don't forget the Phat Buddha Rolls kiosk in the garden - come early and grab some dinner on the way in...

We are constantly inspired, humbled and downright entertained  by our amazing storytellers... get in touch if you'd like to join them! We don't look for professional storytellers - just real people who have a true tale to tell. Fill in the form to the right, or hop on to the Facebook and like our page to keep up to date with all that's happening. 



Dani (right) and Mel (left) hosting the first Tenx9 Adelaide at The Jade

Dani (right) and Mel (left) hosting the first Tenx9 Adelaide at The Jade

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